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"Please pass on my sincere thanks to Scott and the lady who designed and made the gold setting... This is most definitely a very special gift that will be in the family for a very long time; both daughters have already made a claim on it - can you believe it. "

Kevin Qatar, 7/04/09

"You tell the jeweller that that ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You just made a marine with 4 combat tours to Iraq tear up. I can't wait to put this ring on her finger I know she will love it and sir thank you for making this possible. You guys have been awesome you guys are making dreams come true thanks again. "

Eric USA, 2/12/08

" The stone is incredible - more beautiful than I could have imagined - this is the stone we have been searching for at least 10 years. If you are still in communications with the family of the miner who had this in his private collection please tell them that the stone has found a new home where it will be cherished and loved. "

Robert USA, 12/02/07