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20215521 - Solid Black Opal Pendant

Solid Black Opal Pendant

Price $290.91 AUD (tax free)
ID #
This is the unique identification number of this stone.
This is the category and type of opal.
Solid Black Opal Pendant
Indicates the style and material used in the stone setting.
Sterling Silver, 18k Rose gold-plated. 1 x Sapphire
The weight of the opal, measured in carats.
The origin of this stone, i.e. the field where it was mined.
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Stone Dimensions
The width and height of the stone without a setting.
7.3 x 11.2mm (0.29 x 0.44 ")
The shape of stone, with cabochon referring to the domed top of the opal.
Freeshape , low cabochon .
The diaphaneity of the stone, categorised as either opaque, translucent, or transparent.
Opal patterns can affect value, with rarer patterns attracting higher prices.
Floral, Pinfire
Categorised in three grades, either subdued, bright, or brilliant.
Body Tone
A standardised way of indicating the general darkness of the stone, N1 is very black, N9 is white.
Any further comments or details about this opal.
Lovely dark blue/green pattern in this pendant.  Rose Gold-plated sterling silver. Comes with a 45cm Rose Gold-plated sterling silver chain.

Please note: pendants are shipped with a gold-plated or rhodium-plated display chain only. Pendants are photographed on a thicker chain for display purposes. Gold or silver chains are also available for purchase on request.

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