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June 2019

Opals Down Under News

The latest news from your favourite opal shop.

Stocktake interruption during School Holidays

Tue 18 Jun, 2019

Stocktake is fast approaching here at Opals Down Under, and as always, unfortunately it falls inside School Holiday time.  

As a courtesy, we are letting our valued clients and visitors know that we will be closed from 12pm on Monday July 1st to proceed with stocktaking all of our items (a long, arduous task).

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Latest Opal Engagement Ring designs

Sat 8 Jun, 2019

It's time we've updated our portfolio of custom engagement rings, created by our talented jewellers over the past few months. Covering traditional, modern, and completely contemporary designs, as well as a range of colour and body tones, maybe these rings could inspire your choice?

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Opalised fossils of newly discovered dinosaur species found in Lightning Ridge

Wed 5 Jun, 2019

A new species of herbivorous dinosaur has been unveiled in Australia, with the discovery having been found at one of the opal fields in Lightning Ridge (NSW).

And the really interesting part? The discovery also represent the most complete dinosaur fossil found yet, preserved in opal.

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